Professional Services

  • On Line Lessons
  • Private Lessons
  • Arrangements & Tracks
  • Compositions
  • Film & Show Scores
  • Music Publishing
  • Podcasts
  • Talent Development
  • Performance
  • Producing
  • Session Musician
  • Acompanist
  • Song Writing Partner
  • Voice Work



Get personal management, producing and packaging all  with one seasoned professional. Build a plan and then a brand. Limited number of clients accepted with access in Chicago, LA, New York and Nashville this is a rare opportunity to worked with a trusted resource and creative development.



Working with Jefferey Cornett

Talent development 

Experienced in developing talent for performance, patents, events and recordings.

  • Primarily working with singers helping to package, work and rehearse, and help find or create suitable material.
  • Combined with proven, major market PR experience bring a uniquely trustworthy, qualified professional to a critically important area for artists. 

Online Lessons 

Weekly limited online lessons are available on a monthly basis, with a three month minimum for voice, interpretation and keyboard.  

private  Lessons 

  • Chicago only weekly and on call private lessons
  • Primarily for singers that focuses on the total singer, interpretation, healthy habits and finding the right material, including helping with arrangements and/or original compositions.

Session Musician

  • Highly experienced studio professional how to get the kind of sound, performance and nuances that set us apart. 
  • Proven ideas, processes and practices we bring to each session, but most important is knowing how to critically listen to everything above and beyond the music or project at hand. Finding the magic more often than not occurs from artistic conversation based on the moment.
  • Available primarily for keyboard and vocal session work, with limited guitar capabilities. Also voice over options for commercials, podcasts, audio books and video production.


  • Available for performances primarily in  Chicago & Nashville 
  • Travel worldwide with the right space, event and budget, we can provide a wide range of  musical performance from under 400 seats to 2,500 seats 
  • Solo acoustic piano and/or guitar, solo artist (w/vocals) w/acoustic piano or guitar 
  • Music director/accompanist, solo full keyboard and guitar set up with or without vocals, duo or trio.
  • Most performances require us to be self contained with sound and minimum lighting.
  • Comfortable with virtually any backline set up, our performance set up is quick, painless and easy for virtually any spaces. 

Song writing  Collaboration

Songwriting and collaboration for specific projects are also offered and are built around vocal/piano or vocal/guitar fore initial demos thru larger instrumentation.   

BMI writers are preferred to work on collaborations and songwriting but available for virtually anyone needing collaboration.


Compositions are an ongoing work product and are available for licensing or purchase, including recording only, recording and score for church, schools, theaters, theme parks or score only.

Compositions are considered primarily for instrumentation from solo instrument, mainly piano, to small ensemble to band and/or orchestral  versions.   

seasoned producer 

Available as a hired-gun producer by the day, week or limited number of projects in Chicago, Nashville or New York.  

  • Solo/ group performances and recordings combined with more than twenty years of working with major consumer product brands, institutions, advertising agencies, radio and television platforms as well as commercial,  country, jazz and pop projects
  • We have a great sense of packaging music, acts, performance and marketing and the experience to back it up.
  • Proven mentor with singers of all ages who can also play, write and produce is a valuable commodity for virtually any project.

Music Subscription Platform

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