Value-U™ 21 Day Meditation Series

“Value-U™ is on a mission to: Elevate, uplift and shine pure positive energy into the hearts of soul seekers. You have discovered us because you are sensitive to the negative energies that exist today and desire a positive shift. We are VALIDATORS who teach you positive life enriching skills to develop and grow your true self. Your true self is your soul. We teach you how to value yourself and become your own validator!”

The Value-U™ 21 Day Meditation Series encompasses more than four total hours of music beds, meditation and instructional messages consumed by digital downloads, digital CD release and physical CDs.

Lynda Hope is the featured performer and inspirational leader.

Being born with this name has helped her connect to her soul which is always in a state of hope. In her life, Hope has recreated herself decade after decade. In her twenties, she was a nightclub performer in Chicago and a children’s book illustrator. Believing strongly in her creative spark, she connected easily to spirit and loved finding spiritual teachers to help grow her soul. 

Hope loves singing, prayer and meditation and was guided to become a spiritual leader of a Reform Jewish Congregation where she served for 12 years in Highland Park, IL. As an ordained cantor, Hope’s voice inspires, uplifts and connects worshippers to God. Some people are surprised to know that cantors are clergy and can officiate at weddings, baby-namings, funerals, and worship services. 

In August, 2014, Hope graduated from the year-long Chaplain Residency Program at Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, IL. Being the only Jewish chaplain, she helped establish their protocol for caring for Jewish patients. Chaplains care for the emotional and spiritual needs of each patient. Hope is also a trained Wise Aging Instructor and Grief Recovery Specialist. Both intensive training programs center around mindfulness, vulnerability, compassion and loving kindness. 

Hope practices what she preaches. She meditates every day and has participated in over a dozen weeklong silent retreats. Being still and knowing God is Hope’s happy place. She received her meditation training through the Institute of Jewish Spirituality. She leads monthly mediations and summer retreats. 

Amongst all of her credentials, Hope is also a Children’s book writer and Illustrator and a composer. Her book on creativity called, “Jackie and Creativity go to School.” can be found at www.creativitystory.com. And her newest CD, “One Heart” can be heard below. 

Currently, Hope is devoting herself to validating herself and others. She practices the Law of Attraction and understands how important it is to make our own happiness our number one priority

Jefferey Cornett was executive producer, engineer and studio musician for the tracks. Additional projects are slated to begin in November 2019.  Publishing rights are co-owned by Lynda Hope, Imagination Plus Productions, LLC along with 88Twelve Partners, LLC and Sweet Baby Caylan Music Publishing, BMI.